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On this page you can quickly and easily make a Facebook like button for your website. Use the form below and paste the code on your website where you would like to place the widget.

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Why is Facebook Like Button essential to your site?

Social media is a powerful tool nowadays because of its major role in our daily lives. Back then it was mainly used to communicate with people all over the world. However, businesses and individuals turned it to something more.

Aside from communication, social media sites have also become the primary source of information. Several media companies have their own social media pages where they post the latest news. This is where most people read the news rather than newspapers and magazines.

Advertisements in Social Media

In addition to communication and source of information, social media sites also became another platform for advertisements. All kinds of businesses have started to make their own pages to promote their products and services. It ranges from aspiring entrepreneurs, small businesses, up to international companies. These sites opened a great opportunity for several individuals who need to have a primary source of income like stay-at-home mothers. Plus, it is an excellent method to start your own business. Some of these small businesses even have their own websites and they use social media sites like Facebook to gather more customers. Having their own Facebook account makes their company more visible to the market.

Using Facebook to Promote Websites

In some cases, there are website owners like bloggers who use the social media to promote their sites.They use applications and software to make their contents easier to share. One of the basic thing apps that they use is the Facebook Like button.

If you have a business or using the internet to earn money, it seems like a necessity today to make sure that you have a Facebook account. Moreover, it has to be connected to your site and other social media accounts. Using Facebook is a huge thing because there are 2 billion monthly users. So if you are looking for followers, customers, and wider target audience, this is the site to be.

Generating Facebook Like Button

In botonmegusta.org, you can easily generate a Facebook Like button for your website.

Just follow these steps:

  1. Simply customize the details, such as the URL, language, action, layout, additional share button, and the width.
  2. There are several languages you can choose from.
  3. In the Action part, you can choose between ‘Recommend’ and ‘Like.’
  4. As for the layout, you can choose from Standard, Box Count, Button Count, and Button.
  5. Once you are done customizing the details, click the ‘Generate my code’ button. The box below that button will display the code, just copy it then paste on your website. You can also generate the same Facebook Like button from fbaddlikebutton.com.

Advantages of Facebook Like Button

Facebook Like button is essential in the world of internet due to its several advantages. Making a site’s content shareable to social media sites like Facebook will definitely help you gain more followers and increase exposure to alarger audience. First, a Facebook page allows people to see your website URL and its contents. Moreover, if someone ‘likes’ or shares your content, it will be seen by his/her ‘friends’ which will result in more publicity. Interested people will certainly like your page, content, and even visit your website. Thus, adding Facebook Like button to your website is a must.

Why Your Business Should Be On Facebook

Did you know that Facebook has over 2 billion active users daily? This such a huge number that you must have a presence on this social media platform that has become a significant part of many people’s lives. With a presence on Facebook you:

  • Get to interact with your target audience, who like your page or posts. These interactions can help you gain their trust, drive more traffic to your business website or Etsy shop, and increase your sales
  • Promote offers and events
  • Put your brand in front of your customers and potential clients every day

Your competition is already on Facebook and probably using it well. If you don’t get on the platform, you could be losing opportunities to them.

If you’re already on Facebook, you can use www.botonmegusta.org  to create a Facebook like button for your website to allow your web traffic to like and share your content.